Urine protein relates with likeness of lentils

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Ayesha Batool Malik


The main goal of this project was to relate urine protein with likeness of lentils. Students who participated in this project were 97. Analysis of urine was performed by dipstick method to measure protein in urine. Protein is present in blood and it performs many functions in the body. The kidney of a healthy person eradicates excess of the fluid and waste from blood, but it allows protein and many other nutrients to get through and returned to blood. Lentils had many useful effects on heart health and digestive system. It also maintains the sugar level of blood. It is beneficial for diabetic patients because it causes slow processing of burning of energy and balances the glucose level. About 17.65% of males and 6.90% of females had protein in urine and 82.35% of males and 93.10% of females had no protein in urine, and they had likeness of lentils. There was no percentage of males who did not like lentils. Conclusion of this study was that the presence of protein in urine had no correlation with likeness of lentils.


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