An overview of cholera

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Srestha Mukherjee


Cholera is caused by Vibrio Cholera. It is also referred to as blue death. It has caused a huge number of epidemics all around the globe. It is a Gram-negative bacterium which can colonize in the gastrointestinal tract of the host organism. Due to significant number of mutations in the bacteria new serotypes are emerging which is a potential cause of concern. These new serotypes cause a high rate of morbidity. If the patient is left untreated, due to severe dehydration the patient dies. O1 strain of vibrio has caused epidemics in Asian as well as in African nations. The review article focuses on the host pathogen interaction, the clinical manifestations, as well as the recommended treatments which are most commonly administered. However, a deep research is needed to understand the complexity of the disease which can help in the progress of development of vaccines.


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